About Pure Madness

Founder and triathlete Dave's mad ideas:

As an ex-professional hockey player, I know what Madness is. I have trained and competed in many events, but when introduced to half-iron distance triathlons, it seemed like madness. One day, I was watching my girlfriend (now wife) compete in her 3rd Ironman in Lake Placid. The day started off cold, then monsoon-like rains came, then to sweltering hot. I thought to myself this is Pure Madness. Wow, pure madness, this is exactly what it is. That’s how the idea began……

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Co-Founders: Jen Scalise-Marinofsky & David Marinofsky

Jen & Dave are a husband and wife team. Jen, a former competitive swimmer was introduced to triathlon over ten years ago. She became addicted to the sport, which is now a lifestyle. Jen now has now competed in 11 ironmans – four of which were Ironman World Championships in Kona. Naturally, Dave became involved in triathlon soon after meeting Jen and has since completed Half-Ironmans and has ran the Boston and New York Marathons. Both live and train in Massachusetts and are part of the Boston Triathlon Team.